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My background with Circular Sock Knitting Machines began in 2012 when a Canadian “Autoknitter” CSM was demonstrated at a knitting group I attended. I remember how I had wished for more information but hadn’t any idea whom to speak with about that. I eventually found a machine listed on eBay and after setting up a payment plan with the seller, had my very own machine once it was paid for. Of course the machine wasn’t fully functional when I got it - but that’s another story altogether. This is ONE way to obtain a machine - gambling that the seller knows what they are selling and whether or not all its components are the correct components etc.


Learning something new can often lead to frustration and stress - I’ve created this resource as a way to freely offer information for all levels. This website is my answer to a open platform resource (you don’t need to have an account to access it).

I believe we are always learning, and with this initiative, I am “paying it forward” and ask that you consider doing to the same for others. This site has only the very best intentions.

who am I?

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“How can you know what you're capable of if you don't embrace the unknown?”― Esmeralda Santiago, Conquistadora

“Research is turning the unknown into reality.” ― Steven Magee

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